The KADDOUCH's teaching method

The KADDOUCH’s teaching method

Music is an art and a science but for kids, in particular, it is a language and a marvellous way to open up. Our method will help very young children to make the most of their ability to babble, investigate their surroundings, their body and communicate with their parents and other people : we observe the appearance of an “improvised language” which becomes increasingly structured, a kind of “super-babbling”. This innate language is not very conventional and spontaneously requires melodic and rythmic forms (archetypes) common to different cultures unknown to the child (linguistic medium). Young children therefore acquire a musical language which expresses their feelings and emotions ; they also have strategies for collecting information to help them to develop this language. We are able to help children to learn by themselves : Writing will appear with the need to set their improvisations down on paper, to leave traces and reading will express their wish to learn from other people. The instrument is only the extension of the idea : it develops the idea and consolidates the musical expression. Our reference instrument is the piano which is a “landing area for little hands”.